Marine Rubber Fenders

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 20 Piece
Size Approx 2m
Product Type Rubber Fenders
Brand Shivshankar Rubber Products
Material NR, CR, EPDM
Wide 1000 mm to 1500 mm
Thickness 1mm to 5mm


Rubber fenders are more popular in the marine industry. Marine Rubber Fenders are objects that are placed along the sides of a boat or ship to provide a cushioning effect to prevent damage and protect the boat from impacting something harmful. Boat fenders are made from soft rubber or plastic and used between boats and other objects like piers, pilings, and docks to protect the boat from damage. Fenders for boats are available in a wide ranges of shapes and sizes that can be used for for small yachts to the largest vessels. They are designed to absorb the berthing energy due to their deflection.using natural rubber, nitrile, viton, epdm and other sysnthetic rubber. Rubber fenders can withstand all possible operating conditions in the automobile and marine industry.


  • Good resistance capacity
  • High resistance to high and low temperature
  • Good resistance to Ozone
  • Low Reaction Force
  • High Energy Absorption