Metal Gasket

Product Details:

Thickness 2 to 50mm
Material Mild Steel
Brand Shivshankar Rubber Products
Application Valve Industries

Metal Gaskets consist of a sheet metal jacketed and filler of Asbestos, CAF, PTFE, Grafoil etc. which improves its resistance pecularities to temperature and loads. By it’s structure easily compressible with tightening loads lower than those required for metallic gaskets. The metallic jacketed gasket find their proper employment in the presence of high pressures and temperatures. Metal Jacketed Gaskets offer an economical seal where sealing faces are narrow and can be produced in variety of shapes. The metal Jacketed Gaskets are specifically recommended for sealing of heat exchangers, valve cover, autoclaves, manhole etc. Metal Materials Used are soft iron, all grade of steel, brass, monel, inconel, aluminum, brass, cooper, titanium, nickel, incoloy etc.

Types Of Metal Jacketed Gaskets

  • Single Jacketed Gaskets- Used on application where poor or pitted flanges exist.
  • Double Jacketed Gaskets- Used on high temperature application or where corrosion problem may exist.
  • Jacketed Corrugated Gaskets-Reduces contact area, enhances compressive characteristics and suitable for uneven flanges.
  • Single Corrugated Gaskets- Plain corrugated metal gasket mainly used in valve applications.