Pharma Machinery Butterfly Gasket

Product Details:

Size 1 to 8 inches
Color Transparent
Brand Shivshankar Rubber Products
Application Industrial

We Manufacture Butterfly Gasket especially suitable for large to medium butterfly valves,. The sealing quality has a decisive influence on the service life of a gasket. In addition to the geometry, the mixture and production process are decisive for the function and service life. In spite of the same chemical designations, gaskets differ on the basis of the additives and particularly, the degree of cross-linkage. Due to improvements on the geometry of the gaskets and the installation space, which are applied for a patent, a considerably higher resistance will be obtained against negative influences such as expansion due to temperature and swelling characteristics.


  • Temperature resistance
  • Pressure Resistance
  • non toxic
  • Reliable performance

Other Details:

  • A butterfly valve is only conditionally suitable for control of volumetric flow over the entire range from completely closed to completely open these silicone butterfly gasket are made using high quality material to meet the FDA standards for non toxicity, and range from neoprene, silicone.

Price Range:

  • 1000 – 15000 /-